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Wedgwood Countryware 2 Section dish

Wedgwood Countryware 2 Section dish
  • Product Details
    Not always easy to find, why not let us find a Countryware 2 Section dish for you. There is no obligation to buy, no search fee and we'll let you know the second we find it.
    • Pattern Description

      Orginally produced by Coalport, Wedgwood countryware is a tribute to minimalist, clean white china. It is still more interesting than plain white china, as it features a floral texture. This floral textured china would pair well with other floral china, whether patterned or textured. Inviting floral textures and patterns into your home through beautiful china tableware is a sure way to add class without overstepping into becoming garish. Wedgwood Countryware is one of those iconic Wedgwood china sets which unfortunately went out of production in and around 2006.

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