The restoration and repair of ceramics is a highly skilled process. It is therefore very difficult to find a true expert who one can without hesitation recommend. Roger Carter is one of these experts, a true craftsman.

To contact Roger please visit or telephone 07918 193370.

China Repair by Roger Carter

China Repair™ has over 20 years of experience in restoration of fine procelain, china and articles of similar composition. Having spent 38 years in the Antiques Trade, a five year apprenticeship with a internationally recognised auction house formed the foundation for my career, which culminated with my specialisation in the field of ceramic restoration. I have studied this wonderfully detailed profession under the experienced eye of a leading internationally recognised tutor, absorbing knowledge in the techniques of working with fine and delicate objects.

I eventually opened an independent studio, commencing the birth of a business with strong foundations, which has rapidly grown beyond all recognition during the last two decades.

I am a member of ICON (Institute of Conservation). I travel extensively and network within my profession attending conferences to stay abreast of the latest developments in my field.

Roger Carter