Thomas Porcelain

Thomas Porcelain

Thomas Porcelain is a German company founded in 1903 specialising in contemporary white porcelain.

For well over a century, the Thomas brand has represented contemporary simplicity in its design. Thomas has been able to use the zeitgeist to its advantage, which is reflected in their considerable range of tableware aimed at a younger, design-conscious audience.


Fritz Thomas founded the ‘Porzellanfabrik Thomas & Ens’ in the German town of Marktredwitz in 1904. Only four years later, the Rosenthal brand took over the porcelain factory, under the new name of F.Thomas Marktredwitz.

In 1960 production was moved away from the original Thomas factory in Marktredwitz due to their continued growth; later that year an upgraded premises: ‘Thomas am Kulm’ was officially opened in the municipality of Speichersdorf, with the famous Italian architect Marcello Morandini designing the building with geometric patterns.

Since the 1950s Thomas has been building a brand that focuses on the simplicity of everyday cook and tableware. In 1965, the porcelain collection ABC, designed by Theo Baumann, was a huge success.

The 1980s to Now

During the latter years of the 1980s, Thomas had adopted many new design influences, and it was during this phase that the Trend service by Lord Queensberry had become an enormous success. The idea of oven-to-table is a well-known concept these days, but Thomas was one of the very early adopters of such a philosophy.

Since the 1990s Thomas has captured a new audience due to its continued commitment to pure, modern and lifestyle orientated products. The Vario collection is a fantastic example of this in action.

Today Thomas is considered more of a design brand; however, their most famous pattern Medaillon is still produced in small quantities, but most of their items from the Gold and Platinum ranges are challenging to find. However, newer varieties such as Trend, Loft and Sunny Day are very popular contemporary choices.

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