Royal Albert China

Romantic, floral and vibrant, are just a few of the words that have been used to describe this timeless brand.

The origins of Royal Albert China stretch back well over a century. And while the Royal Albert name was first used in 1904, its roots are to be found further back in 1896, when the Albert Works was first built.

The Albert Works celebrated the birth of Prince Albert in 1895, who was named after his famous great-grandfather and husband to Queen Victoria.

The Albert Works was owned by Thomas Wild and his sons, who focused on making affordable tea, breakfast and dessert ware with beautiful floral designs, which would quickly become a signature of the brand.

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Success & Royal Warrants

In 1904, due to the company’s ever-increasing reputation on the china scene, both at home and abroad, the company was awarded Royal Warrant status.

The Royal Warrant is the highest honour any company could receive and are only bestowed upon individuals or organisations who regularly supply the Royal Family with the highest possible standards of goods and services.

As a result of the close ties to the Royal Household, in 1906, Thomas Wild took up the name that we know and love today: Royal Albert.

Throughout the next twenty-years, Royal Albert, inspired by a fondness for the British woodland and English cottage gardens, began to really experiment with floral patterns including Victorian Chintz and Art Deco designs.

Old Country Roses: The World’s Best-Selling China Pattern

In 1962 Royal Albert designer Harold Holdcroft, inspired by the quintessential British garden, released Old Country Roses. The pattern is immediately recognised by ardent collectors and casual admirers the world over, with its signature patches of roses in rich reds, vibrant pinks and soft yellows that counteract beautifully with golden rims and stunning accents throughout. 

Made from pure white bone china, the cup features a rounded flute shape, with curling, inward twisting handles.

Birthday Celebrations to the Modern Day

In 2006, the company celebrated 100 years of Royal Albert with a brand-new collection which celebrated all of the patterns that had helped make the company one of the industry’s most well-known brands.

In 2012, a brand new pattern called New Country Roses was released in both pink and white to commemorate 50 years of Old Country Roses.

These days Royal Albert is owned by the Fiskars Group, which also houses other classic brands such as Royal Doulton and Wedgwood. Despite this, however, the brand continues to produce bone china tableware and giftware with delicate floral patterns, which is beloved by collectors both young and old. Nowhere is this more evident than the collaboration with supermodel Miranda Kerr; her designs fusing a love for her grandmother’s old Royal Albert tea sets with an appreciation of exquisite, understated contemporary composition.

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