Yvonne Ellen

Yvonne Ellen

Yvonne Marianne Ellen, an award-winning British designer, brings a touch of joy and individuality to the world of tableware and gifts. Her journey began with a personalized, hand-illustrated vintage tea set—a heartfelt gift for her best friend’s wedding. Little did she know that this act of creativity would blossom into the enchanting brand we know today.

A Quintessentially British Outlook

Yvonne Ellen’s designs are quintessentially British, celebrating the natural world with a playful twist. Her unique and quirky creations refresh our understanding of what tableware can achieve in the modern home. From vibrant kitchen accessories to delightful giftware, each piece is a work of art—a canvas for imagination.

Playful Patterns and Eye-Catching Designs

Whether it’s a cheeky tart or a lobster lover, Yvonne Ellen’s collections cater to every personality. Playful patterns, eye-catching illustrations, and unexpected details define her signature style. Each item invites you to embrace your unique taste and make a statement..