Adams Old Colonial Candlestick

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    Old Colonial Candlestick by Adams.
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    Old Colonial pattern #3029 dates from the 1950s which featured a cut sponge decoration until 1970 when the mould was redone, after this time it was no longer hand painted but lithographed. A cookware range completed the set and was in production up to early 1984. By 1994 ‘Old Colonial’ was being marketed under a Wedgwood banner, part of the Adam’s collection. This remaining Adam’s pattern was on Johnson Brother’s bodies decorated by Masons. The dinner service was in open stock until 1996 being just one out of three best selling patterns that continued when Adams was rationalized in April 1987.

    The design uses bold colours to showcase the flowers and leaves on simple shapes with red bands/lines and appears to have evolved from early to mid nineteenth century ‘Persian Painted’ patterns such as ‘Adams Rose.’ The ‘Old Colonial’ pattern was the most heavily promoted and ‘Old Colonial’ on Micratex was the featured cookware for Yorkshire Television’s cooking series “Farmhouse Kitchen”.