Adams English Scenic - Pink Tea / Side Plate

Adams English Scenic - Pink Tea / Side Plate Horses 7"
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    • Horses
    • Made in England
    • Micratex Ironstone
    • 1969 - 1984
    • 7"
  • Pattern Description

    English Scenic – Pink was produced under Adams under Wedgwood from 1969 to 1984 and features both cattle and horse scenes. Made under the English Scenic pattern #31800 name originally called ‘Cattle Scenery’ that only featured cows until 1962, when the buyer for the German department store Hertie, Mr.Oertel wanted to supply a range that featured horse scenes rather than cows and an engraving was made to supply the demand.

    When Wedgwood purchased Adams & Sons in 1966 they continued to produce current and design new under the Adams name. English Scenic – Blue was continued when they purchased and later in 1969 English Scenic – Pink and English Scenic – Green were produced with both the first designed cow scene and the newer horse scene and was available until early 1984 and was even marketed in the Scott’s Piper Oatmeal advertisement .

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