Mug Evesham - Gold Edge by Royal Worcester

  • Product Details
    Evesham - Gold Edge Mug by Royal Worcester.
    • Oranges and Blackcurrant
    • 3 1/8 x 3 1/2"
  • Pattern Description

    Evesham Gold, named after the local fruit growing region near Worcester, was developed by Royal Worcester in 1961 amid a new trend for informal dining that was to bring the humble casserole dish from the kitchen to the dining table!

    The design was in the tradition of still life fruit compositions which had be used for centuries to test a painters skill. Therefore, it was a natural progression that Royal Worcester artists should develop the same skills. Within the Evesham Gold design apples, pears, cherries, damsons and blackberries are just a few of the colourful fruit sprays.

    Once the original designs were complete they were faithfully reproduced using an eighteenth century technique incorporating lithographic stones which were painstakingly registered by hand in a stippled dot engraving method to reveal an impression of the original artwork for transfer to the ceramic ware.

  • Reviews
    Verified CustomerAug 5thVery good condition, completes my set.
    Mr D.M. SpokesJul 10thSee above our remarks at Item 1.
    Ms. A ByersJun 19thThe mugs are perfect and exactly as stated.
    Verified CustomerMay 29thExcellent
    Verified CustomerAug 26th 2017The product was just fine
    Ms. A ByersJun 1st 2017.The mugs were in perfect condition as stated.
    Ms. A ByersOct 11th 2016The Evesham mug is of the best quality as stated.
    Verified CustomerNov 13th 2014Excellent
    Verified CustomerNov 5th 2014Excellent
    Verified CustomerApr 12th 2014Was disappointed to see a bubble in the glaze of a mug you considered top quality.
    Verified CustomerJan 30th 2014This has been one of my favourite designs since the 1960s. I am amazed at how pieces that haven't been manufactured for decades (when they were hand painted) still keep turning up and in perfect condition.