Not cheap but you expect to pay for the right service, in two senses.

Mrs. Crooks, Apr 15th

It's a most useful service, not cheap but that's what you pay for maintaining your sets against breakages and depredations. Chinasearch are experienced in packing fragile goods and quick on delivery. Have not had a breakage over a number of orders so far. Had a hiccup over placing one order, which see below, hence less than 5 star experience this time.

I was notified that these bowls, for which I had been searching, were in stock. I put three in my basket, added a couple of bits of Evesham as I was putting in an order, then tried to pay. One of the bowls disappeared from the billing page, though I could see it when I went back to 'basket'. In the end I had to ring Chinasearch. Apparently another customer had been able to put the same bowl into their basket and paid just before I did, so the bowl was gone between my (I thought) putting it in my purchase selection and actually paying. I can see how it happened but not the best buying experience! I can only hope that the search facility will turn up more bowls for me.