A different experience this time!

Verified Customer, Jun 5th

The small tea plates are beautiful, however my experience this time is only average as firstly the cup does not have a good finish; the colour in the finish has run over the rim in to the cup bowl - therefore not the quality I expected. Sadly I have missed the 14 day return - my fault.
My second issue is the packaging! Although the delivery was prompt, the packaging was cheap and the volume was crazy; again not to the high level of the items I ordered before Christmas - which were packaged beautifully. The wrapping this time was mainly newspaper, plus some of the tea plates were NOT individually wrapped and the volume of newspaper is totally overwhelming! Nothing is broken, but the packaging does not relate to the quality of items purchased that I would expect from ChinaSearch. Bubble plastic or suitable alternatives would have been adequate. Sadly I have received china items from Etsy and Ebay that have adequate, age appropriate packaging.
I am now wading in newspaper.
Jane at Chinasearch, Jun 6th
<div>Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear you are not totally happy with your experience this time. Please contact me on the number below if you wish to return the cup. </div><div>We have two method of packing. Small orders are sent in a cardboard box with a specially designed insert which holds the item securely. We are only able to send certain items this way. Larger orders are packed with newspaper. Over the years we have tried many different packing materials and have found this is the best shock absorber and is widely recyclable. We make sure there is plenty of packing surrounding the china and the packing is tight in the box so it can withstand any knocks and bumps during transportation. </div>