'Excellent Service'

Verified CustomerJun 5th
Have been looking for the breakfast cup supplied by chinasearch for near on 20 yrs since I smashed the original cup bought with her first pay packet by the Mrs from BHS in Cardiff, the original cup became severely damaged during a house move, I placed an alert on Chinasearch last year and didn't hold much hope but out of the blue had an email stating that the said cup had come into stock, I couldn't beleive my luck, I went straight onto the site and purchased and a few days later the near on immaculate cup arrived in its oversize box in a vacuum packed wrap, I presented the Mrs with the box and she was over the moon with the contents.....im really impressed with the service chinasearch provide and have put on alerts for other bits and peices from the past that have either been lost or damaged and await to see the results of those.....brilliant easy to use service from start to finish....thank you..