Be patient - if your missing item turns up, China Search will let you know

Verified CustomerDec 4th
Delighted to be alerted that a Royal Doulton Lichfield dinner plate was available for me to purchase; I had enquired a few years ago. Not expecting perfection as it fell into the mid category in terms of wear, but there was a long scratch across the centre, deep enough to cut through the glaze. Still, I decided against contacting China Search as I felt that for the few times the plate would be used, it would be acceptable.
Jane at ChinasearchDec 5th
Thank you for your feedback. As all the china we sell is previously owned and we grade it as either 'very good' or 'good' condition. I can see the plate you bought was in 'good' condition, we do allow some scratching in this grade. If you are not happy to keep please contact me on the number below.