Marks & Spencer Harvest Highball

Marks & Spencer Harvest Highball frosted
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    Not always easy to find, why not let us find a Harvest Highball for you. There is no obligation to buy, no search fee and we'll let you know the second we find it.
    • frosted
  • Pattern Description

    Marks and Spencer Harvest Crockery is one of the most popular designs produced by Marks and Spencer which is highly recognisable. Marks and Spencer Harvest China features a distinct bramble and berry pattern accented by a brown/gold trim on a cream china background.

    This pattern has a great reputation and is highly regarded by collectors with its vast variety of pieces in the collection from dinnerware to supporting pieces like cutlery and tablecloths. Complete your set of Marks and Spencer Harvest Crockery by browsing the enormous range of pieces available here at Chinasearch.