Churchill Alchemy - Ambience Tea Saucer

Churchill Alchemy - Ambience Tea Saucer Standard Rim
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    Not always easy to find, why not let us find a Alchemy - Ambience Tea Saucer for you. There is no obligation to buy, no search fee and we'll let you know the second we find it.
    • Standard Rim
  • Pattern Description

    Alchemy – Ambience was designed with the professional in mind to help restaurateurs create the ultimate fine dining experience. From classic to contemporary the exquisite fine china has a range of complementary designs to suit every mood and occasion. Truly a triumph of skilled manufacturing, Alchemy has the strength and durability to survive in the busiest of kitchens.

    First created after dedicated research, by talking to and understanding the needs of the world’s top chefs, Churchill created a fine china body that is unique: with a combination of high Alumina content and specially selected clays that enhance the strength of the product.