Sophie Conran and Portmeirion have worked together since 2006 with various collections all based around the iconic ripple shape. Now 2021 brings a completely new set of collections, Arbor and Floret, both inspired by the shapes and shades from Sophie's garden. Each piece in these new Sophie Conran for Portmeirion collections will bring a lasting natural artistry to your table. Subtly refined and wonderfully tactile the Arbor and Floret collections have sustainability at their heart. Fired by traditional potters in Portugal, the Portmeirion stoneware is reassuringly hard-wearing and satisfying to touch.

This enduringly beautiful stoneware is single-fired made with organic Iberian clay taken straight from the earth, with a coloured glaze that makes every piece unique. Everything about Arbor and Floret pieces is considered - The attention to detail. The mix and match styles. The artisan Portuguese potters. Sustainable firing. Combine all this together with Sophie Coran’s passion for design and Portmeirion’s experience, then these two new designs, Floret and Arbor, are sure to continue the Sophie Conran for collaboration for many years to come.