Adams Summer Delight Sugar Bowl - Open (Tea)

Adams Summer Delight Sugar Bowl - Open (Tea) 4 1/4"
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    • 4 1/4"
  • Pattern Description

    Summer Delight pattern #8008 was introduced as a new cookware range on Micratex bodies featuring a design of peach and yellow flowers on the vine. Produced under Adams under Wedgwood in 1986 it followed the success of the cookware on Micratex bodies Azalea pattern launched in 1984.

    Joscelin Adams was actively engaged in seeking new ways to improve earthenware and therefore obtain market advantage for the family business amid even stronger competition. Micratex developed with the British Ceramic Research Association was his contribution to a chip resistant body. Micratex, dating to 1961, stands for micratic earthenware and was a new, lighter weight body with greater strength and anti-chipping properties.